• A. Take a seed from an Avocado and rinse it clean.
  • B. Set your seed in the seed holder clamp, pointed side up. #1
    To adjust the size if Needed:
    Turn the screw on the clamp with fingers or screw driver. #2
    Turn the screw  on the clamp to make it larger or smaller depending on the size of the seed.
    Size it so that your avocado seed sits on top without falling through the clamp.
  • C. Set the seed planter on the glass so the arms of the planter sit over the rim of the glass and the clamp is inside the glass. #3You can straighten and bend the arms to adjust the size if needed.
    Now set your seed in the planter.I like to use the wide mouth pint sized mason jars but you can use almost any size glass or jar.
  • D. Fill glass with water making sure only the bottom one third to one half of the seed is in the water. Normally this will be right at the top of the clamp. #4
    It's ok if the clamp is in water.Change the water out once a week and add more if needed to keep the same level of water as when you started.Your seed should start to crack in two to six weeks, this is when the roots are starting (how exciting!!)
    Note: It could take longer so be patient.
    The white root grows from the bottom and you see this before you see any leaves.

    Keep watching it and soon you will see the stem sprout from the top!

    Pinch the top two leaves when it is about 6 inches tall to encourage new growth.  When you get the next set of leaves it is ready to plant.

    Although I’ve kept mine in water for months before and it grows beautifully. Eventually you’ll want to put it in dirt :)

    Once planted in dirt, give it indirect sunlight and water as needed never letting it dry out or sit in water, you want to keep it moist.
    On average water about once a week.